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Lab. Cleaners & Disinfectants

We are producing Cleaners and disinfectants for laboratories.

  • SystemClean Biozidal DS TM - Special- disinfectant for the protection of cell cultures in incubators and sterile microbiological cabinets. Clean DS system is effective against bacteria, spores, fungi and enveloped viruses. (Spray 1 liter )
  • SystemClean Aqua - Antimicrobial additive for heating bath fluids. Inhibited the multiplying of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and the precipitation of inorganic salts. (concentrate)
  • SystemClean Auqa – acryl - Antimicrobial additive especially for containers made ​​of acrylic glass and aluminum. (concentrate)
  • BM-Flüssig - Strong cleaning and disinfectant liquid (alternatively for chromosulphuric acid). BM-Flüssig is an alkaline, non-foaming concentrate for cleaning and disinfecting. It can be used for cleaning of greasy and heavily soiled laboratory glassware, instruments and other laboratory equipment. BM-Liquid is suitable for daily use.
  • SystemClean Liquids are suitable to use on most surfaces and preventing microbial and chemical contamination. SystemClean Liquid are biodegradable.

Please contact us, if you need the system specific Standard Operation Procedures.

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Cleaning Solutions

Product Name System Order Number Package Size
AquaClean manuel 601-104 1 x 250 ml
AquaClean Acryl manuel 601-107 1 x 250 ml
Biozidal DS manuel 601-1091L 1 x 1 L
Biozidal DS manuel 601-1095L 1 x 5 L
Biozidal DS lemon manuel 601-1101L 1 x 1 L
Biozidal DS lemon manuel 601-1105L 1 x 5 L
Perchlorat Solution manuel 601-200 1 x 250 ml
BM-Flüssig manuel 601-699 1 x 1 L
Reagent & Sample Precision Test Photometers 601-900 A: 1 x 10 + B 1 x 10 ml
C: 2 x 24 ml + D: 2 x 12 ml
E: 2 x 12 ml