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Important customer information !!!

Some customers have received fake e-mails with the request to transfer the invoice amount to a changed bank account.

Please don't follow this request !
mti-diagnostics will never change the bank account data.

The police is already informed. 
mti-Diagnostics - Advanced Diagnostic Performance and Productivity

The variety and high quality of our products are our business and philosophy. The mti-diagnostics GmbH is certified in accordance to  DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 13485: 2012. Optimized processes with continuous checks during all steps within the process combined with high delivery reliability emphasizes our quality standards we set for ourselves.

Our Products:
  • Reagents in standard packages
  • System Reagents for Analyzers
  • System Cleaning Solutions and also additional Solutions for Analysers
  • System Cleaning Solutions for Pipettor Systems
  • Separating and Cleaning Solutions for Serum Dispensing Systems such as TECAN
  • Disinfectants for Cell Cuture Areas
  • Water Bath Additives
  • Single Packs
  • OEM products labeled according to your requierements
  • Large quantities 5 or 10 litres Bulk

In addition to our product catalog, we are also able to develop new reagents according to your requirements. This includes the labeling with system specific barcodes and packaging in complience to your specifications.


Standard products